Announcing Hide & Catch Email Pro and Calendar Date Picker

Last week I released Hide and Catch Email PRO, a premium upgrade from the free version you will find in the WordPress repo. I also released a new plugin today called Calendar Date Picker.

Hide and Catch Email Pro

Hide and Catch Email Pro adds a meta box to all public post_types. When activated the content for that post is hidden behind a form where a user has to submit their email address to see the content.

Once confirmed the original content is show to the user and a cookie is saved for 30 days so the user doesn’t have to resubmit the form. The best part, this is all handled by AJAX!


  • AJAX form submission.
  • Double SPAM protection
    • Honey pot field.
    • Double form submission. First form sends user a hash key they need to verify.
  • Submission meta box on each post activated.

Get the plugin here.

Calendar Date Picker

Ever set the wrong date for a post needing to be published in the future at a certain time? Well this plugin hopes to solve that problem. Calendar Date Picker adds the jQuery UI Datepicker and and a custom Timepicker to the edit date dropdown input field.

The new input field will toggle a full date overlay that when updated to set date and time will update the date input fields. Once you click OK, and OK, the new date is now set and all you have to do is “schedule” the post.

Get the plugin here.