WP Invoice Pro plugin 2.0

It’s been about 3 months since I pulled WP Invoice Pro from the marketplace. It started collecting some gnarly bugs and the design of the pages got a bit behind. Not to mention a few other problems.

Well today, after a good long weekend I’ve rewritten the plugin from the ground up and started over from my original code base.

Previous User Update Info

Post Type

You’ll want to wait a few weeks before auto-updating as the settings and post_type are different and if you’ve got lots of Invoice/Quotes they will disappear. You may want to do this manually in which case you should check out pTypeConverter in the WordPress repo. It will allow you to manually change the post_types from wp-invoice to invoice.


I’ve removed the user base and user role features and reverted back to a custom client taxonomy. So you’ll want to create those terms from any users that were clients.


The settings prefix has been updated as well. I’ve updated to the new WordPress Settings API. You’ll find all the settings in a new array under wp_invoice_pro_settings


All post meta (probably the most important for each client invoice/quote) has been updated. I’ve removed the old wpalchemy meta class and gone strait hard code. There is no simple way to update this meta, so this is why I am suggesting the wait for a importer from 1.x to 2.x.

Thank you in advance to all previous WPI users. If you have any issues login and submit a support request.

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