Frosty Web Designs & Extendd Merger

Welcome to Frosty Media.

Frosty Media is the merger of Frosty Web Design and Extendd.

Frosty Web Designs founded in 2007 by Austin Passy has built many websites and countless WordPress themes and plugins.

While it started off as a side project, Austin ended up building quite a few custom plugins. One such plugin for WordPress: Custom Login currently has 1,313,919 downloads!

Enter Premium WordPress Plugins

Extendd founded in 2012 was the culmination of custom developed plugins, most built for clients but many were pushed up to the WordPress repo. focused on premium plugins and extensions for Custom Login and others like Easy Digital Downloads. It was a Premium Plugin Marketplace and for some time allowed 3rd party developers to submit their plugins.

So what is Frosty Media

Since it’s been years since we’ve done any “web design”, and most of our work lately is focused on WordPress plugin development, Frosty Web Designs and Extendd will now be merged into one company.

What’s that mean for Extendd customers?

Moving such data, like two years of purchases from Extendd is a task in itself. But all users should have access to the new site and their purchases.

Known issues

See the documentation for known issues.

If any issues should arise contact us and we’ll get it fixed ASAP.