Frosty Media License Manager

This plugin is in fact the core plugin which helps you manage and activate your license keys & in dashboard auto-updates. It is required for all Frosty Media plugins/extensions.

This plugin will automatically get added to your shopping cart. Don’t worry, it’s a free plugin and hosted on GitHub, meaning downloads can be grabbed there.

Why is this plugin is required?

Previously I built all license management functionality into each plugin and extension. But if an issue or bug presented itself I had a tough time pushing out a new license class version that was nested into all plugins.

So I decided to move the new License Manager plugin onto GitHub and include it’s own auto-update script from the GitHub repo. With the new version, when a bug is fixed or a featured added the plugin is pushed to you the user via auto-update (with or without active license keys) for each FM plugin/extension.

The plugin will also notify you of new plugins, updates and other news worthy of notifications.

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plugin details

  • Release date: December 8, 2014
  • Last updated: November 25, 2017
  • Type: WordPress Plugin
  • File format: .zip
  • Requirements:
    • WordPress 4.5+
  • Tested Up To: WordPress 4.9
  • Price: $0.25


This FREE plugin download is no-longer managed from the website. Please see the description for more info.